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Discover the Magic of Reading with Miss Melissa from the Pembroke Public Library

We're honored to have the Pembroke Public Library and the Friends of the Pembroke Public Library at our Farmers Market, launching June 8 (10-2 pm) at the new Community Center. We look forward to Miss Melissa's readings for kids while at the market. In the meantime, learn more about Miss Melissa and the value the Library brings to our entire community...

Personal Introduction.

My name is Melissa McCleary but I go by Miss Melissa in the Library and around Pembroke. I've been the Youth Services Librarian at Pembroke Public Library for nearly 10 years, helping children, teens, and families grow up with a love of libraries, reading, and learning.


What's the best thing about working at the Pembroke Public Library?

The best part about working at the Library is learning from our young patrons. It's wonderful to hear a teen walk me through their latest art creation and the techniques they used or listen to a child's narrative about their favorite animal's habitat. It's absolutely true that you never stop learning and I'm lucky to work in a place where every interaction can introduce me to something new.


Can you tell us about the role Friends of Pembroke Library plays in supporting the library?

The Friends work hard behind the scenes to support the Library through fundraisers, such as the annual Book and Bake Sales, Silent Auction, and the Holiday Ornament, that fund many of the Library's key services - such as our Monday Movie Matinees, the Bestseller book collection, and the Teen Take-and-Make crafts. They additionally provide funding for items not in the Library's budget, such as their recent purchase of new chairs for our Meeting room. This group's efforts also create awareness about the Library's role in the community as their wonderful volunteers help at Town events like the upcoming Farmers Markets.


Are there one or two things that you think most members of the community should know about the library as a resource?

There are likely 100s of individual things I could mention that we'd love the community to know about but the most important one is this: The Library is for everyone! While many may still see libraries as a place just for people who "like to read," our services go far beyond the written word these days. We have board games for a Family Fun Night, we run an Anime Club for teens looking for like-minded peers, and we're even a Passport Acceptance Facility if you're looking to travel abroad soon! In addition, our website contains numerous virtual offerings that may be accessed outside of our physical space.


What can the community expect from the Pembroke Public Library's presence at the Farmers Market?

Every staff member and volunteer who helps at our Farmers Market table will be bringing their own expertise and a warm smile to share. My own visits will include a special Storytime for early elementary students that's sure to involve lots of giggling!


How can the community best support our local library?

The community can best support the Library just by using our services and resources however and whenever you need them. This can be done in any number of ways as we work to provide a welcoming physical and virtual space for all. Whether you're attending a Storytime, walking in to pick up a hold, or browsing online classes, we're happy to help!


What is one favorite recipe you have that includes local foods as key ingredients?

A dessert favorite of mine is carrot cake! Carrots are much easier to get locally in the springtime but this is still a great treat all year round.


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