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Saturday, June 8: Don't Miss Wax Garden's Beautiful, Sweet Smelling Candles and Home Goods

What's behind the name of your company, Wax Garden?


I wanted the name of my company to invoke a feeling. Wax Garden felt both a little edgy and an exact description of the first product in my line of home decor.                  

What types of goods does Wax Garden offer, and what makes them special?


Wax Garden Offers my unique spin on home decor. My candles are created in a variety of re-usable vessels accented with an assortment of wax flowers. I have also created a line of hand-poured cement decor. You can find more about


Can you tell us how you came up with the unique ideas for your products?

I have always loved the idea of creating things with my own hands. I decided to challenge myself by pouring candles into dough bowls, and my home decor

line has grown from there.

Tell is why you love living on the South Shore?

I enjoy the sense of community, and familiarity gained when you live in the same town for almost 50 years. I love the peacefulness that South Shore living brings.


When can the community see your products at the Pembroke Farmers Market?


I look forward to meeting new clients and old friends every other Saturday starting June 8th. And you can also find Wax Garden on Facebook.

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