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Looking for some of the best cookies in Pembroke? Come visit Blackbird Baking Co. on June 8!

1) Tell us about yourself.

I am JoAnna Letourneau. My husband and I live in Pembroke with our two kiddos, Hadley (8) and Jamey (7), who attend Hobomock Elementary. In addition to Blackbird Baking Co., I also handle payroll and HR for several local housing authorities. My husband (owner of Letourneau Tree & Landscape, Inc. in Pembroke) and I do a lot of juggling in this crazy game of life, but in our free time we love to camp! We spend a lot of our summers by the Cape Cod Canal enjoying family time and a hard-earned break. I also love horses, ATV`s, the beach and spending time with friends.

2) What type of baked goods does Blackbird Baking Co. ("Blackbird") offer, and what makes them unique?

Blackbird Baking Co. specializes in cookies. I offer gourmet, artisan cookies to fit any theme. I also have the technology to print directly to cookies, which has made corporate branded cookies extremely popular over the last few years. I`ve been so fortunate to have worked with some companies such as Macy's, Don Julio, Paychex, Ethan Allen, Evereve, Rockland Trust, Radius Financial and many more. I take great pride in my work and spent 2 years perfecting my signature recipe so that my cookies not only look amazing, they taste amazing too!

3) How long have you lived in Pembroke? And why did you choose to raise a family (and a business!) here?

I am a “Pembroke Townie” from birth! My husband and I both grew up in Pembroke and have businesses in this town. We love this town and our community members, so it wasn’t even a question to raise a family elsewhere. We lived on Monroe Street before spending 5 years finding our forever property on Blackbird Drive (how Blackbird Baking was born).

4) What can the Pembroke community expect from Blackbird at the Pembroke Farmers Market?

My goal is to set up a unique, walk-in bakery shop vibe rather than a traditional market table setup.   Blackbird cookies are a luxury product that is made with love, and I want customers to feel that vibe the second they walk-in.

In addition to artisan cookies, I also plan to roll out a few fun new treats including cookie and milk shots, and a line of gourmet drop cookies for the market. You`ll be able to “build your own box” where customers can choose between several weekly flavors. You can also expect lots of chatting. I love my community and chatting with old and new friends! So, come say hi, mention this blog and try a cookie 😊.

5) What is the most unique cookie design you've ever been asked to make? And the funniest design as well?

Hmmm.. this is a tricky one. I would say “adult themed” cookies are probably at the top of the list for some of the most unique AND funny cookies. I won’t share those photos 😉 Other than that, I recently had the opportunity to make cookies for country musician, Cody Jinks. Those were certainly unique.  Additionally last year a lot of customers ordered, “Good Luck with my Kid,” teacher cookie gift sets for a beginning of school gift.

6) Where can readers learn more about Blackbird?

Blackbird Baking Co. is on social media and can be found on Facebook @blackbirdbakingco or Instagram @blackbird_bakingco. Additionally is up and running and you can find pictures, pricing, general information and submit order requests!

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