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Looking for freshly made pastries infused with flavors from Hungary and the Caribbean? Check out Zserbó Bakery at the Pembroke Farmers Market...

Tell us about yourself.

My name is Anita Borbely, and I am the owner/baker of Zserbó Bakery. I grew up in Hungary, and started baking with my mother and siblings at a very young age. I then went on to master many traditional family recipes passed down to me, Zserbó being one of them. 

Living in London, England, for school and for work, and spending much time in the Caribbean islands and all over Europe, enabled me to introduce several international recipes to my menu. 

What made you open Zserbó?

I started my online baking business in July 2020, in the midst of Covid-19. I was initially baking at a commercial kitchen and attended farmers markets, catered weddings, and supported other events. I also have been shipping nationwide for some time.

By 2022, my business grew so significantly that I decided to look for my own space to open a store front.  Since I have a love  for the South Shore, I decided to look for a space in the area. In December 2022, I opened Zserbó Bakery at 75 Washington St. in Pembroke, MA.

What items do you sell in your store?

When you step into Zserbó Bakery, you feel like you are in Europe. While I sell a wide variety of pastries, cookies, breads, cakes and pies, my store is well stocked with products from both local and Hungarian vendors. You can find honey, jams, hot sauce, coffee, chocolates, pasta, pesto, olive oil, cook books and a lot more! 

Zserbó Bakery’s signature pastry is Zserbó, which is a layered apricot walnut pastry topped with dark chocolate. I also sell a lot of unique pastries including the famous Hungarian Dobos Torta, Kremes, Lamington, Linzers, Caribbean rum cake, baklava, Alfajores and more. 

How would explain your approach to baking?

My approach to baking is very unique in the sense that I incorporate my extensive international travel and cultural experiences into our food. 

I take pride in creating unique flavor combinations such as pear cardamom, lemon blueberry, raspberry coconut, and mango passion fruit just to mention a few. 

What can market attendees expect from Zserbó Bakery?

Zserbó will be attending the Pembroke Farmers Market every other week this first season. We are very excited to meet the people out in the community, including customers but also other vendors. 

Zserbó will have a selection of their ever so popular cookies, tea breads, muffins, Croissants, pies and more.

To learn more about Zserbó Bakery, please visit:

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