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Join Emerald Yoga Studio for Free Community Yoga at the Pembroke Farmers Market...

Tell us about you.

My name is Landen Stacy. I am a Certified Yoga Instructor, Accessible Yoga Teacher, Reiki 1 Certified Practitioner, and a passionate advocate for inclusive wellness. My relationship with yoga began in childhood and has matured over the years, culminating in the ownership of my yoga studio, Emerald Yoga Studio, in Pembroke in 2019. Yoga, for me, is about adapting the practice to the individual, ensuring a seamless connection between mind, body, and soul. Drawing from my experience, I offer classes that prioritize individual comfort, focusing on restorative practices and beginner-friendly techniques rather than traditional alignment. Infused with the philosophy of yoga and a creative flair, my teachings help students manage stress and enhance body awareness. Beyond teaching, a significant part of my mission has been fostering a community where everyone feels welcome.

What do you appreciate most about Pembroke and our community?

I deeply value the warmth and inclusivity Pembroke has extended to me, both as a business owner and a former resident. Despite its diversity, there’s a feeling of unity in the community. My family and I have enjoyed participating in various local events, such as the Christmas Tree Lighting, Old Home Days Fair, and the annual Fish Fry, which highlight the town’s vibrant community spirit.As a business owner our presence in the community is heart-centered. At Emerald Yoga Studio, we are involved in Pembroke's local events each year, ensuring that our reach extends far beyond the confines of our studio walls.

While we are rooted in yoga, our role in the community goes beyond that. We offer acceptance and connection. Partnering with local organizations and participating in events allows us to give back, share the transformative power of yoga, and touch the lives of those who might not typically find themselves in a yoga class. Our goal is, and always has been, to weave a positive impact throughout Pembroke and its neighboring areas. Emerald Yoga Studio isn’t just a place to practice; it's a chain reaction of compassion, and we take that responsibility to heart.

How did you get started with yoga, personally, and professionally?

I remember, as a child, being mesmerized by yoga on television. I would mimic those graceful movements, not realizing then that this innocent fascination was hinting at my future. High school had its share of challenges, but amidst all that, yoga became my refuge. When it was introduced as an alternative to regular gym class, my casual interest in yoga deepened into a true passion. Soon the practice wove itself into my daily life, serving as a way to combat stress and to feel more connected to my physical body. 

I firmly believed that yoga wasn't about striving for a "perfect pose," but rather adapting the practice to work with the individual. This philosophy of inclusivity and self-expression became a driving force for me. When the opportunity arose to take over Emerald Yoga Studio, I saw it as a chance to bring my vision to life — to create a space where everyone, regardless of their background or abilities, could find comfort, community, and a sense of belonging.

What is the mission and vision for Emerald Yoga Studio?

Our mission revolves around three core values that not only guide our teachings at the studio but also serve as a personal compass for me. I even have this list printed out and hung up in my office as a reminder for myself:

1. Help those who haven’t been helped.

2. Open your heart bigger than you think you can.

3. Always give more than you take.

Beyond just those core values our mission is to empower others to find balance,

strength, and peace both on and off the mat, creating a deeper connection to

themselves and the world around them. We want to help open the doors for everyone,

especially those who might have felt overlooked or out of place elsewhere. We want to

create a place where each person's unique journey and challenges are met with

boundless compassion and understanding. And we want the healing of those that we help to create a ripple of kindness and compassion.

What truly distinguishes Emerald Yoga Studio from other studios is its genuine spirit of inclusivity and community. Here, every single individual is welcomed with open arms, regardless of where they are in their journey. Our mission goes beyond just teaching yoga postures — it's about serving each person as they arrive, understanding their unique needs, and ensuring they always have a place on the mat with us. More than just a studio, Emerald has grown into a tight-knit community. 

Students don't just practice yoga; they forge deep bonds, create lasting friendships, and support one another. Our environment is designed to be nurturing, accessible, and encouraging, enabling everyone, especially beginners, to find relief from life's stresses. Through gaining strength, flexibility, and learning how to harmonize with their bodies, our students discover a newfound comfort and confidence in their own skin. At Emerald, it's not just about yoga; it's about inner transformation with the support of a loving community.

What advice would you give to someone considering getting started with their yoga practice?

Start where you are, and don’t compare your journey to anyone else's. Yoga is a personal experience that unfolds differently for each individual. Allow yourself the space to explore various styles and teachers until you find what resonates with you. We also encourage integrating the principles of yoga into everyday life. Be patient with yourself, stay consistent, and the transformation will unfold. 

What can the community expect from you at the Pembroke Farmers Market?

We serve a diverse community, ranging from beginners seeking a comforting space to explore yoga, to more advanced practitioners looking for deeper connections. At Emerald, we're serving not just individuals, but the collective spirit of all who enter, ensuring they leave feeling uplifted, grounded, and more deeply connected to themselves and the world around them. We are hoping to extend this to those who we meet at the Pembroke Farmers Market as well! 

What dates will you be holding free community yoga classes at PFM?

- July 13 at 12pm- August 3 at 12pm

- September 7 at 12pm

- October 5 at 12pm

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