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Find Your 'Namaste' at the Pembroke Farmers Market w/ a FREE Community Yoga Class by Holding Space...

Tell us about yourself.

I’m Ellie Cushing, owner of Holding Space in Pembroke. I live in Halifax with my husband Will, our two kids, Charlie and Hattie, and our puppy Wash. I really like coffee, maybe a little too much. I balance that with my love of green smoothies and ginger shots - I am often at The Juice Station. I am always on the search for the perfect donut. If you come to one of my classes, I will inevitably tell a story, probably about my coffee - I just can’t help it. I infuse my classes with movement, mindfulness, and a little humor. Laughing is really good for you!

What makes Holding Space's philosophy specific to yoga unique? And what type of classes do you offer?

We always say that, “we don’t take ourselves too seriously.” Which is true, but we definitely take what we do seriously. We are all about helping people - whether you need to destress, stretch out, quiet the mind, move the body, break a sweat, or just rest - we have classes and opportunities for all of that. In terms of movement, we want to create an army of future grandparents that can crawl on the ground and give piggyback rides. In terms of wellness, we want to give people the time and space to find their way to living a more present life.

We have a range of yoga classes throughout the week in addition to several barre classes and a new strength class. We have kids yoga, monthly meditation, myofascial release classes, a class that combines yoga and sound healing - plus so many workshops and events. 

Why did you decide to bring Holding Space to the Pembroke community?

When we opened in 2017, Pembroke felt like the perfect spot for us to set our roots. A lot of our neighbors are also members at Holding Space. Everyone has been so welcoming and supportive over the last 7 years. When I started Holding Space with Nicole Pardo, our goal was to create a supportive environment where people could explore yoga and movement in a fun, easygoing but very safe space. Last November, I moved the studio from 610 Washington Street to 345 Washington Street which has allowed us to reach even more people and open up our offerings with new classes, workshops, events and even a studio store!

What can the Pembroke community expect from Holding Space at some of the markets? Are your community classes this for all ages?

I am so excited the Farmers Market is back! My classes will be designed for anyone and everyone who wants to move their body and give yoga a try. 

When will Holding Space be hosting community yoga at the Pembroke Farmers Market?

We will be offering a handful of free community yoga classes at the Pembroke Farmers Market. Please save these dates for those initial classes which will take place at the market on: Saturday, June 8 at Noon and Saturday, September 14 at Noon. Please remember to bring a yoga mat if you have one!

Where can readers learn more about Holding Space?

On our website:; on Facebook; or on Instagram!

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